We supply the demand of Co-producers for textile, construction and Home Care with raw materials of RUDOLF CHEMIE, as well as all the product range for textile industry.

BGH distributes the products of RARO CHEM, specialities in pigmentary printing and OGD‘s dyestuffs for textile dyeing and printing.

Complementary we can supply all the silicone specialities of SILITEX.

Regarding Metal Powders for all their applications BGH is agent of FREEPORT, METALPOLVERI and WBH for Spain and Portugal.

Another product line is the distribution of WWSA, producer of Diammond Powder, Cbn, PCD and Wire Die Blanks.

We are entirely at your disposal in our office located in Castellar del Vallès.


BGH SPAIN 2003 is a company founded in 2003 focused in the sales and trading of Industrial Chemicals.

At the beginning the main activity was focused in attending the demand of Co-producers for textile and construction with the product range of RUDOLF CHEMIE. We could also offer some products for textile industry of owned Know-How.

Later on we increased the distributions in order to offer a wider product range, like for example SILITEX, Silicone Speciality producer for several fields of application.

Complementary to that were introduced the pigmentary systems RARO CHEM and dyestuffs of OGD.

As a Metal Powder we attend Spain and Portugal with FREEPORT, METALPOLVERI and WBH distributions.

Last but not least distribution introduction is WWSA for Spain and Portugal. WWSA is a manufacturer of superabrasives like Diamond Powder (Synthetic and Natural), Cbn Powder of mainly for diamond tools, wheels and abrasives. WWSA is also producing Wire Die Blanks and PCD Solids.

Chemical Specialties

We attend the Textile Industry, Chemical Co-producers and Metal Powder Industry. Our target is to supply detailed service and technical assistance.

A professional team is in charge to search “Taylor Made” solutions according to the necessities of every customer, offering the best choice of our distributions or looking for and exclusive solution.

Distributed brand names and products:

Diamond Division

We are glad to introduce the Superabrasives in powder form of Natural and Synthetic Diamond as well as Cbn for applications like Diamond Tools, Abrasive wheels, Industrial Abrasives…

There’s also a complete range of Wire Die Blanks and PCD Solids.

» Diamond and CBN


» Nucleus


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